About The North Glengarry

We love what we do.

Husband and wife duo Adriano and Marie-Claude always dreamed of owning their own restaurant and having a family business. When the chance came to buy the historic grist mill in Alexandria, Ontario, they jumped at the opportunity! They quit their previous jobs and threw themselves into realizing their dream with energy and passion.

'Hard work and dedication are at the heart of what we do' Adriano and Marie-Claude said, speaking of how they want to raise their 5 kids in that mentality, working together as a family.

Born in a friendly, tight-knit small-town community, The North Glengarry restaurant embodies that family atmosphere. You'll experience the heartfelt nature of the family-run business as you see Adriano and Marie-Claude in and out of the kitchen, interacting with customers, and leading their hard-working and friendly staff to serve great food to great people.

The Owners of the North Glengarry

Our History

View of the historic patio

Built in 1819, the restaurant structure is the oldest standing building in Alexandria. Nicknamed the “Priest’s Mill,” it originally served as a grist mill, built by Scottish immigrant Father Alexander Macdonnell, who also founded St. Raphael’s parish and inspired the name for the town of Alexandria.

The building remained resilient to multiple fires as it served as a grist, stone, and roller mill over the next 150 years. In the 1970s, the building was renovated into a restaurant, eventually taking on the name you see today: “The North Glengarry.”

The image of the historic mill remains preserved in our picturesque patio, the only one of its kind in the area! Come experience a delicious meal with a view of the old dam and stone waterway. Be serenaded by the peaceful sound of the waterfall, fed by the nearby Garry River and Mill Pond.